program: private residence
built up area: 1000sqm
location: shouf, lebanon
status: permit
year: 2018


The Chouf is one of the most beautiful and historically preserved areas in Lebanon. It managed to preserve both its architectural heritage and natural landscape. Green field of olive trees are spread out in its lands and valleys. In Mokhtara, a historical town in the Chouf, the old traditional houses are still standing and inspire many of the new constructions happening around them. The client asked for a small house that should translate in its representation the arches and stone construction of the traditional Lebanese house. The relationship with the house and the garden is essential. The proposal reinterprets the Lebanese arch and brings back the traditional outdoor arched passage. Here the passage is an extension to the living space of the house serving as sort of buffer zone streets of 2 between the indoor space and the garden and serves as an ideal breakfast area; a grape vine serves as shading and gives a feel of being embraced by nature. The site is located between different levels and faces olive field terraces. Since in a small Lebanese town, privacy is a luxury, the main entrance and parking area are on the upper level on one of the roofs of the house and not by the garden. The visitors enter from the upper level, overlooking the olive fields and come down directly to the garden and not the house through the elevator.