program: museum
built up area: 25000sqm
location: nicosia, cyprus
status: competition
year: 2016

Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean, a rich compilation of layers and history that have made it a rich hub of historical influences. A national museum is a country’s ambassador. Cyprus is a country of boundaries. It’s an island surrounded by water. Its northeaster side is bordered by a wall, a green line that cuts the country in two.The Pedios river runs along the site’s edge creating another boundary. The design approach of the New Museum is to break the limits and allow the surroundings to invade the site. The river shall flood in, the trees and visitors of the adjacent park will infiltrate and surrounding streets will come in. the river will carve the site and flood in from the west and thus become part of the museum. As the riverbed brings in water in winter, it dries out in the summer and gives way to new vegetation. It becomes itself a permanent yet changing exhibition element of the museum.