program: residential building
built up area: 5530sqm
location: beirut, lebanon
status: preliminary design
year: 2017

In a pre-war once beautiful and green Beirut, streets were adorned with gardens that served as entrances to its traditional houses where people lived comfortably and in harmony with their neighbors to the point of leaving their doors always open.
Now in a concrete Beirut, where gardens and old houses are almost extinct treasures and where neighbors barely know each other, green spaces are scarce and new apartments are designed without balconies dismissing the relationship of its tenants with their streets and neighborhood.
In a quiet neighborhood in Achrafieh, an area that still manages to have the feel of old Beirut, Acharafieh 315 proposes to revive those lost features by offering each apartment a balcony that serves as both the entrance and private garden to the home.  The elevator’s landing is a direct landing to the garden while giving a direct view to the mountains and the sea. The building communicates with the public stairs adjacent to it with its balconies, gardens and entrances thus creating a natural communication with the residents and their surroundings and reviving the sense of friendly neighbors lost in Beirut. An apartment becomes a home with a garden, somewhere in a concrete jungle.